In general, most businesses allow between 125 sq ft and 200 sq ft (net) per person. The size required depends on number of factors such as

  • the functions required in the premises (corporate HQ, banking & financial services, sales office, operation support etc),
  • headcount to be housed in the premises,
  • company culture (open plan, enclosed workstation etc),
  • requirements for amenities such as break out rooms, pantry, server room, storage
  • and more.

For a quick estimate to the size required for your office space, we have provided a figures required by each functions of your businesses for your reference:

Space required by Business Profile

sq ft net per employee Size (sq ft) Size (sq m)
Corporate headquarters 200+ 18.6+
Banking, financial 150 to 180 14.0 to 16.8
Business services, general commercial 110 to 140 10.2 to 13.0
Trading, manufacturing, sales, insurance 80 to 120 7.4 to 11.1
Call Center, Telemarketing 40 to 80 3.7 to 7.4

Space required by Function

Description Size (sq ft)
Receptionist plus waiting area – for 2 to 4 people 125-200
Receptionist plus waiting area – for 6 to 8 people 200-300
Chairman's office 250-400
Managing director/vice president 175-200
Executive's office 100-150
Open plan workstation – manager 100-120
Open plan workstation – clerical 70-100
Conference room – theatre style 15 sq ft per person
Conference room – conference seating 25-30 sq ft per person
Clerical pool areas 80-100 sq ft per person
Lunch room/break out area 15 sq ft per person
Corridor space 20%-30% of total
Water cooler 1 unit per 75 staff