Jones Lang LaSalle and The Business of Cities Group (a London-based intelligence and strategy firm) has ranked Singapore the Top City in Asia in the Business of Cities study. Analyzing more than 200 globally-recognized studies of city performance worldwide, Singapore has outshone Tokyo to become Asia’s leader in higher education, mobility, science, broadband and technology.

On the Global level, Singapore came after New York and London and named Singapore as the world’s most business-friendly city. Singapore has ranked well due to their remarkable performance in governance, financial maturity, and infrastructure. However, it ranked badly in term of their business occupancy, purchasing power and cost of living.

Mr Chris Fossick, managing director for Singapore and Southeast Asia at Jones Lang LaSalee mentioned that cost is probably challenging Singapore at moment and it would be perfect if Singapore could become more competitive cost-wise.

Here’s the top 5 Asia Pacific cities across the six leading all-round indices

  1. Singapore
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Tokyo
  4. Seoul
  5. Sydney

Looking to setup your business in Asia’s Top City for Business, Singapore?

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 Marina_Bay_Financial_Centre,_Singapore_-_20120617-01  Asia Square  Singapore Office CapitaGreen

 Marina Bay Financial Centre

 Asia Square  CapitaGreen


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